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Unapologetically Sensitive

We explore how sensitivity weaves itself into our lives; the richness that it adds, and the strengths we have BECAUSE of our sensitivity--and some of the challenges it poses as well. You may learn to live a bolder, brighter life.

Jan 7, 2020


A Highly Sensitive Therapist talks about Feeling Invisible, & How She Views Her Anxiety After Learning She’s An HSP



Kitty McCormick




Kitty is a childhood friend who is now a therapist.  We talk about the anxieties we both felt as children, but never discussed. Kitty’s father was a prominent public figure, and she was pushed into acting/auditioning as a child to help with her shyness. She also talks about some of the barriers she experienced with non-Highly Sensitive Therapists, and her desire to please. Kitty also talks about the challenges she experienced in groups (including therapy groups) being an introvert until she took the Online HSP Course.




Kitty McCormick is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Los Angeles, who has avidly worked with children and families for over 20 years. She received her Masters in Social Work from the University of Southern California, with a concentration in mental health practice with individuals, families, and groups. She has extensive experience in the Los Angeles Unified School District where she worked with at-risk children, adolescents, and young adults. In that setting, she also regularly collaborated with Child Protective Services, the County of Los Angeles Probation Department (Juvenile Services), and numerous community service agencies throughout L.A. County to assist and support clients as needed. In 2017, Kitty shifted from doing social work in public school settings to doing psychotherapy in therapeutic schools with children who have greater emotional needs. It was at that point in her career where she began private practice in the community mental health arena, which offers affordable counseling services. This year she began her own private practice. Some of Kitty’s hobbies include yoga, weekend getaways, walking in nature, being around animals, and spending quality time with her husband.



Patricia Young hosts the podcast Unapologetically Sensitive, and works with Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) helping them to understand their HSP traits, and turning their perceived shortcomings into superpowers. Patricia is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who is passionate about providing education to help HSPs and non-HSPs understand and truly appreciate the amazing gifts they have to offer. Patricia works globally online with HSPs providing coaching. Patricia also facilitates online groups for HSPs that focus on building community and developing skills (identifying your superpowers, boundaries, perfectionism, dealing with conflict, mindfulness, embracing emotions, creating a lifestyle that supports the HSP, communication and more).




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