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Unapologetically Sensitive

We explore how sensitivity weaves itself into our lives; the richness that it adds, and the strengths we have BECAUSE of our sensitivity--and some of the challenges it poses as well. You may learn to live a bolder, brighter life.

Nov 12, 2019


Dog Whisperer Liz Murdoch Talks to My Dog Gracie, Who Has a Message for the Highly Sensitive Person, aka HSP



Liz Murdoch



Liz Murdoch, Dog Whisperer, and host of the podcast Talking With The Dogs, talks with my dog Gracie. Liz (and Gracie) help me understand some behaviors that have confused me. I had some expectations about what Gracie would say, and I needed time to process this interview.  Liz had some spot-on insights, and at the end of interview I share how this has impacted our family. I worry about how I will manage when Gracie eventually dies, and Gracie had a message for me about that, and Liz provides a reassuring perspective about dogs that have crossed over.




  • My expectations about what I thought Gracie would say, impacted this episode
  • I talk about this a bit in the beginning, and more at the end of the episode
  • Liz was able to communicate with animals when she was very young
  • Liz talks about how she became involved in animal communication as she got older
  • Liz has trained a dog when she was a child, and she won a blue ribbon amongst adults who were competing
  • Liz had a car accident with resulting in a head injury, and she wanted train a therapy dog to help other people
  • She was able to have her dog certified as a Therapy Dog with Pet Partners, which is not easy to do
  • Liz only saw a picture of Gracie, and I held her up to camera on my laptop, but other than that, she had NO information about Gracie
  • Liz talks to Gracie to find out what she likes
  • Gracie communicates to me about her dog food (which is a special diet since she’s allergic to most foods)
  • Gracie would like to talk about cats if she had a podcast, and Gracie LOVES cats, but they don’t know she wouldn’t harm a fly
  • Gracie gives some information initially that we circle back to that has to do with how my grown son interacts with her (and she doesn’t like it)
  • At the end of the interview, I talk about what has happened re: how my son now interacts with Gracie
  • Liz identifies one of Gracie’s favorite things to play with
  • Gracie tells Liz what she prefers in the home in terms of activity and movement
  • Liz identifies that Gracie doesn’t see well and that it impacts her thinking (she also has seizures, and she’s blind—and only has one eye)
  • Liz does a body scan on Gracie and finds something I believe she had, but the vet didn’t see it
  • Liz talks about what she’s learned from dogs that have crossed over, and I was surprised (and relieved/pleased) to hear this
  • Gracie had a message for me about my worry about her dying (and it’s a very mindful message)
  • Liz mentions shampoo (the groomer just used a different shampoo, which led to a very expensive vet bill with antibiotics and all kinds of testing due to the reaction she had)
  • I ask why Gracie doesn’t bark when she gets stuck somewhere or the door is closed, and her answer surprises me



Liz Murdoch has been a true dog whisperer for most of her life. She first discovered this special skill when she was in kindergarten, and then further honed it throughout her life, winning awards in dog training and becoming certified to do animal assisted therapy with patients of all ages. A veteran volunteer with rescue organizations, Liz is happiest when translating what dogs and other animals want their people to know. She hosts the podcast, Talking with the dogs! and is available for private chat sessions, special events, and speaking engagements.




Patricia Young hosts the podcast Unapologetically Sensitive, and works with Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) helping them to understand their HSP traits, and turning their perceived shortcomings into superpowers. Patricia is passionate about providing education to help HSPs and non-HSPs understand and truly appreciate the amazing gifts they have to offer. Patricia works globally online with HSPs providing coaching. Patricia also facilitates online groups for HSPs that focus on building community and developing skills (identifying your superpowers, boundaries, perfectionism, dealing with conflict, mindfulness, embracing emotions, creating a lifestyle that supports the HSP, communication and more).



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