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Unapologetically Sensitive

We explore how sensitivity weaves itself into our lives; the richness that it adds, and the strengths we have BECAUSE of our sensitivity--and some of the challenges it poses as well. You may learn to live a bolder, brighter life.

Nov 30, 2018


Bonus Episode Day 26


Everyone Gets to Own Their Awesome! PLUS exclusive meditation just for our listeners!


Chel Hamilton


We talk a lot about play and inhibition, and I ask Chel how do we take those first steps when we want to let go, but we’re really scared. The interview takes an unexpected turn when Chel asks me something, and I get tearful, and have a pretty big insight! I was NOT expecting this.  The is so much freedom and joy on the other side of letting go of fear and inhibition and we talk about how to get there. This leads to a conversation about the importance of community, support, validation and knowing that you’re not alone as a sensitive. I wonder about the connection between childhood wounding and our preferred love language because I can see a direct correlation since my preferred love languages are Quality Time and Words of Affirmation. Chel talks about the benefits of meditation and silent meditation for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) as well as hypnosis. Guided meditation can be really helpful when you’re having feelings of overwhelm, stress, overstimulation because your body and mind will engage your relaxation response—your parasympathetic system, which is going to soothe your entire system, which will also create more calm for you, which also improves our emotional responses. Chel ends with talking about the quote Brene Brown uses about The Man in the Arena by Teddy Roosevelt and how to focus on feedback from those that are actually in the arena doing the work.



As a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in practice for over a decade, and over 20 years of working with addicts and alcoholics, Chel has helped thousands of people let go of habits and thought patterns, and re-design their lives for more joy, freedom, and confidence. Through her guided meditation podcast “Meditation Minis” (with over 12 million downloads) she has helped people create more calmer, clearer, and happier lives. Her mission is to be an agent of change of powerful, positive change for the planet, and her passion is to that light that sparks in people’s eyes when that change occurs.



  • Silent Meditation or focal point meditation (when you focus on your breath, or an object or a word) is good for training your brain to focus, and letting go of distractions. It can also be good for mindfulness, which is the practice of noticing what you’re thinking and feeling in the moment because you no longer become distracted by those things
  • Guided Meditation is closer to hypnosis. It can cause focus to increase, but it also reprograms the brain to have different reactions
  • What happens with guided meditation or hypnosis is that your body is in a trance-like way your body and mind starts having difficulty differentiating between reality and what you’re picturing. This is the power of imagination and visualization.
  • Hypnosis has more direct suggestions, so it’s similar to doing a guided meditation, but it often focuses on literally changing habits


  • Girl! There is only one of you in the Universe!
  • Everyone gets to own their awesome!
  • The more you own your awesome; it gives others permission to own their awesome
  • I want to renew my sense of play in life and set aside perfection
  • I think everybody gets to do a happy dance much more frequently than we typically do
  • As a Highly Sensitive Person, it’s important that we do bring more play in
  • If we’re going to feel all the feels…why can’t feel all the outrageously positive feels too?
  • We get to choose what we believe
  • Beliefs that are nourishing to us, we get to choose to have more of, and beliefs that are depleting to us, we get to acknowledge and set aside(ren)], and party with them
  • Most of what we choose to take as truth, are actually beliefs we choose to believe
  • All of this is for play and exploration, and adventure and fun, and I get to create more of that
  • I’m talking about incorporating play and fun into what we’re already up to. Even in a more powerful way
  • In those times when you are feeling overwhelmed, and/or are in a place of doubt or dread, there is so much power in just acknowledging where you are at, and taking 3 deep breaths



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