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Unapologetically Sensitive

We explore how sensitivity weaves itself into our lives; the richness that it adds, and the strengths we have BECAUSE of our sensitivity--and some of the challenges it poses as well. You may learn to live a bolder, brighter life.

Nov 18, 2018

Often we are afraid of feeling disappointed or angry and frustrated if we ask for something and we don't get it.  I share a few stories of taking a risk and asking, and getting some really positive responses and an unexpected outcome.  Also, I have a really exciting surprise for you that's really the reason why I recorded this episode.  There are 2 upcoming episodes that are geared to you as the listener and the holidays.  

I mention Chel Hamilton who has a podcast Meditation Minis.  You can find all things Chel here






Show hashtag--#unapologeticallysensitive

MUSIC—Gravel Dance by Andy Robinson