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Unapologetically Sensitive

We explore how sensitivity weaves itself into our lives; the richness that it adds, and the strengths we have BECAUSE of our sensitivity--and some of the challenges it poses as well. You may learn to live a bolder, brighter life.

Dec 20, 2022

Setting the Groundwork for the Holidays with an Emotionally Immature Person part 2

Dr. Lindsay Gibson, author of Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents, and Recovering from Emotionally Immature Parents explains why we repeatedly give in to an Emotionally Immature Person (EIP) even when you don’t want to. She talks about how to stay in touch with your true self and how to plan your actions to support you.  She also helps you understand when to confront and when to let go, as well as providing tools and mantras to remind you that you have needs, and a right to exist.


Lindsay Gibson, PsyD.


5 Hallmarks of an Emotionally Immature Parent/Person (EIP)

  1. Egocentric
  2. Poor empathy
  3. Not self-reflective
  4. Look at reality through the lens of their own emotions
  5. Avoids emotional intimacy

Here are some of the questions Dr. Gibson responds to:

How do Emotionally Immature Parents (EIPs) or Emotionally Immature Persons get you to knuckle under and let them do what they want (emotional coercion)?

What makes you repeatedly give in to an Emotionally Immature Parent (or Person) even when you don’t want to?

Dr. Gibson talks about what makes you give in even when you have a bad feeling about it. Why don’t you listen to your instincts when confronted with a pushy EIP?

How do you stay in touch with your true Self, and plan your actions according to what’s healthy and less stressful for you?

What’s the best overall approach, or the mantra to remember to get through a holiday visit without serious stress?

When do you let things go, and when do you confront?


Lindsay Gibson, PsyD. has been a licensed clinical psychologist for over thirty years and specializes in individual adult psychotherapy with adult children of emotionally immature parents. She is the author of four books. Her book Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents remains a #1 Amazon Best Seller. The follow up to this book is Recovering from Emotionally Immature Parents, and the 2nd edition of her first book Who You Were Meant To Be has been recently released on Amazon. Her latest book, Self Care for Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents, was just released in September 2021. In the past Dr. Gibson has served as an adjunct assistant professor teaching doctoral psychology students.


Patricia is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Coach.  She knows what it’s like to feel like an outcast, misfit, and truthteller.  Learning about the trait of being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), helped Patricia rewrite her history with a deeper understanding, appreciation, and a sense of self-compassion.  She created the podcast Unapologetically Sensitive to help other HSPs know that they aren’t alone, and that being an HSP has amazing gifts, and some challenges.  Patricia works online globally working individually with people, and she teaches Online Courses for HSPs that focus on understanding what it means to be an HSP, self-care, self-compassion, boundaries, perfectionism, mindfulness, communication, and creating a lifestyle that honors us


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