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Unapologetically Sensitive

We explore how sensitivity weaves itself into our lives; the richness that it adds, and the strengths we have BECAUSE of our sensitivity--and some of the challenges it poses as well. You may learn to live a bolder, brighter life.

Feb 7, 2019


Episode 017 Part 2


Conversations with a Non-Binary HSP Therapist


Dara Hoffman-Fox


Dara talks about being non-binary, and the challenges with the use of language and pronouns Dara uses.  Dara defines CIS gender, and we explore microagressions (how they show up in the LGBTQ+ population, and how Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPS) may experience them on a daily basis. Dara also discusses the challenges in trying to get the gender markers changed with the DMV to reflect Dara’s non-binary status.


DARA HOFFMAN-FOX, LPC, is a queer-identified gender therapist in private practice in Colorado Springs, CO. As a subject-matter expert on transgender and nonbinary issues, Dara is the creator of the "Conversations with a Gender Therapist" YouTube channel as well as the author of the Amazon #1 bestseller YOU AND YOUR GENDER IDENTITY: A GUIDE TO DISCOVERY. Dara's goal is to get as much education, resources, and support out there as possible to the trans and gender-questioning persons of the world. Through the magic of the internet Dara is am able to do this through their Conversations with a Gender Therapist YouTube channel and Facebook pWage, media and podcast interviews, and the content you’ll find on their website, found at



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